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Monday, September 28, 2009

Need something easy for Monday morning...or just easy in general?

The side of my favorites and so easy, yet so pretty! Even if you don't have time to smooth it out, scrunch it with some hair spray, or just go through and curl a couple of sections for some extra texture. You can also twist the pony tail around and then wind it up and pin it with a couple of pins. This works with any low pony tail!


Official step by step guide found via

Very cute with a bang too.
Official step by step guide found via

Just by adding a little more to your hair tie, you instantly dress up a simple, easy hair style. This is great for getting your self ready when you have kids (and want to feel "put together"), or those early mornings heading into work.

For those who have less to work with.......

Even though these lovelies have short styles, they certainly have no limitations. Dramatic sweep overs, head bands, a layer of shorter bangs, twists through a couple sections in the top, pulling one side back more, bed head, extra sleek and smooth and so on, short hair still has many quick and easy tricks to switching up the style and creating a different look.

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