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Friday, September 4, 2009

It's All About Balance

Part of loving how you look really does come from how you feel within. If you are having a day that you feel great on the inside it always shows on the outside. The reverse has the same effect as well. The are many reasons in which our moods can change. This thing called life tends to have some great highs and some really awful lows. It is none-the-less LIFE and precious at that. Keeping a good balance in your life is definitely a way to help ensure more of those mornings that you wake up, feel great and have a positive outlook on your new day. It is amazing how much better we take care of ourselves, and those around us, when we are happy on the inside. Taking care of our bodies is just one of many ways to instill some balance in our daily routines. Drinking lots of H2O, eating well (definitely not saying you shouldn't enjoy that chocolate or cheese cake here and there), exercising and spending time with positive people,who make us happy, are all good things for our bodies and minds. Taking time once a month to get a massage, pedicure, facial or even an eyebrow wax ($7-$15), is a great thing to do for yourself and sort of put yourself back in reset mode, especially if you are chasing after kids all the time (better known as mommy mode), working long hours, commuting much of the time, etc. My point being, that when you create a balance in your life to take care of yourself, it not only keeps you feeling good about yourself but it also builds confidence. Who doesn't take extra time with their make up, picking out an outfit, or trying something new with their hair when they are just feeling fabulous? Yes, we all have those days that, let's face it, just suck, but why not have more of those days where we do feel fabulous! Creating an overall balance in your lifestyle is an important way to keep that happiness and beauty that come from within.

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