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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It can be oh so right OR oh so wrong....

With the high waisted bikini that is. This vintage look has come back but, it is definitely a style that one must choose wisely in order to pull it off. I for one like it...certain styles of it that is. I do think it is great for women who might want a little extra coverage and tuck with their tummies, or even for moms that might feel self concious with those stretch marks due to pregnancy. Again, I totally think that it is all about the style you choose with this bikini though. Here are some some styles that I recommend you look for when daring to wear this old, yet new, trend.
photo:My Vintage Vogue

Pistol Panties

Urban Outfitters


Victoria Secret

Diane Von Furstenberg

Someone who wore this style well...Rachel McAdams in the notebook. Who didn't love her in this bikini...who didn't love all of her styles in the movie?



  1. I love the look as I love anything from that era. So great!

  2. Oh my goodnes...I would wear each one of these...if I wore bathing suits