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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You're only as old as you feel.

My 86 yr.old grandmother is living proof of this statement! While it is actually my mom that has said this statement to me over the past years (when I have teased her about getting older, though she looks younger than her age too) it is my grandma who is constantly fooling people with her age because they simply can not believe that she is 86 yrs. old. This is not entirely due to her looks, although she really does look amazing for her age, but it is really due to her attitude, her out look, and the energy she puts forth EVERY day with getting herself ready, exercising, cooking, doing things around the house etc. She really does get up and do that EVERY day. You will never catch her with out her make up on, and that usually includes her lipstick as well. She is an avid believer in keeping your mind and body busy in order to keep them working and she really does stick to that. In fact just up until a couple years ago she was still mowing her own lawn (and she has a very good size yard-front and back both). She just re-wall papered her bathroom and kitchen (after striping it all herself... yes, I did say wall paper!). I truly believe the reason that my beloved, beautiful grandma is still in such excellent shape is due to her attitude to keep going and not start to lay around and complain about some of the aches and pains she is having. According to her "what good is to complain about all of my aches when they are going to hurt anyway? If I quit moving around and stop staying active, then they are going to stop working"! I admire my grandma so much for the discipline she has kept over the years with her health, and beauty in order to live a nice long life, and to still be enjoying her life now at a much older age. I know the good Lord has had his hand in it mostly, but here are some, really only some of SO MANY, of her secrets which have aided in keeping her looking and feeling younger than she is.

* She has always gotten up and walked three that she is older it is not quit so long but she at least makes sure to stretch her whole body if she does not get out to walk.

* She gets herself ready EVERY morning. This means, some make up, fill the eye brows in, and always put those lips on. She has always told me to never leave the house with out make up on (aka -looking nice) and that she always has more energy when she is wearing some make up, just feels more put together....I agree!

* She eats fish once a week.

* Never misses Church, and that includes during the week. Says her Rosary every morning.

* Has ALWAYS worn nylons to keep her legs looking good and aiding in support with veins...her legs still look so good too. Can't tell you the lectures I have had about wearing hose!!!

* She has, and still, stays out of the sun.

* She has, and still, goes places (movies, plays, vacations etc.) with friends and family.

*She has always choosen to drive herself around, and still does.....takes grat care of her car too.

*She does cross word puzzles EVERY morning (has for years and years) and usually evenings too, "to keep her mind going".

* She has always stuck to Eb5 as her number one face product.

* She takes a bath EVERY night with baking soda to keep her skin smooth with the natural exfoliant.

* She has always kept her diet in moderation, and can tell you when she has had too much salt, chocolate etc.....she knows her body.

*She still, at her age of 86, going on 87 this year, watches her weight.

* She has a beautiful attitude. She is always happy, joking, positive and THANKFUL for the life she has had.

This women has always been so disciplined in every aspect of her life, yet she never looked/looks at it as a chore. She just lives that way, and appreciates a lot. I truly believe that this (along with the Lord's covering) is why she is still in great health, looking good, and full of energy today at 86 yrs. old. She gives many of us in the family desire and motivation to follow that same lifestyle.

Oh, and she just joined a Senior's movie night club!!



  1. Wow Amanda, your grandma rocks! What an amazing woman! Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Man, I hope I'm kicking it like that at 86. :)

  3. Thank Renata! She really does rock. She always amazes others!

    I hope I am kicking it like that too at 86+!!