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Monday, March 15, 2010

Love your body.

So this is the picture that accompanies the slogan "I Love My Body byVictoria.....introducing 3 new bodies to love". This is an add for Victoria's Secret 7 new styles of 3 new bras. While it is actually the bras that they are talking about, 'Body' by Victoria push-up, multi-way (which I love) and racer back, I think that it is rather humerous that there are 3 beautiful, very thin women posing under the slogan "I Love My Body by victoria"....again it is the bra that they are talking about loving. They really are not using these models as examples as the the 3 body types to love (that would be way too funny because they are all the same...SKINNY), and these are the models whom we are used to seeing wearing all of the lovely VS attire and accessories, however when I saw this add waiting for me in my mail box I had to chuckle at it. 'I Love My Body' ... of course you do! Who wouldn't love their body looking like that? Although I have to say that while these women are absolutely beautiful I myself happen to love my hips, my 'softness' (as my husband puts it;) and my curves. While curves have made huge head way, I doubt they will ever really take over the runway. I do agree with this add in the fact that every women really should be able to say "I Love My Body".

Women are so beautiful because we all come in different shapes, sizes, style, race, and cultures and the beauty we exude really does come from the confidence we hold with how we feel about ourselves.

With that being said, happy Monday and may all of you step out feelin' some big love for yourself today.



  1. Amen Sister! I totally agree: WE, women, are beautiful because of our different shapes, sizes, style, race and cultures!!! Well said, Amanda! Have a Great Day!

  2. Hi sweetheart! We didn't have to chance to say how we appreciated the award you gave to our blog and how thankful we are. Sorry about that and thank you so much :D