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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love the look.

So here are some styles that caught my eye, for one thing or another, and I thought I would share this inspiration with you all! I always like to disect an outfit and take a certain "look" or "piece" from it and add it to my own style. Check these out and see if you take anything from them too!

OK, first of all, LOVE the boots! I also really like the contrast in colors and, as I posted before, brown on black is really in right now. And, if I don't say so myself....I am diggin' it!

Always love the t-shirt and jeans, and I also like the all black with some stand-out jewelry. Great casual look.

So, being that it is fall and the weather is cooler in most places right now, I would probably replace the sandals with some closed toed or even peek-a-boo toed heels,or some cute ankle or knee high boots. Really like the scarf with the outfit too and, again, can't go wrong with a scarf for some extra style.

Love the black tights, ankle strap heel, and.....everything. Such an easy look to get, and can wear this anywhere.

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  1. nice inspiration...hmmm now i will raid my closet to mix and match :)