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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Work with what you got.

While we would all love to go on weekly (even monthly!) shopping sprees and constantly have new outfits and new looks, the reality of settling for what we have in our closet right now is true to many of us. However, there are many pieces sitting in those closets, and jewelry boxes, that can be paired with other pieces you have hanging around to create some "new" looks and outfits for you. Here are some pics I found to aid in inspiring you to get creative with what you currently have in your closet.

Jackets are great with jeans right now, and any cute top you might have when worn under your jacket or vest looks great. It doesn't have to be a fur vest but, as I read on the blog of BR Magazine, you can always go to a thrift store or vintage store and look for some type of fur vest or scarf there...throwing on a scarf will insantly add to your look as well.

These are all pretty standard pieces that most of us can find in our wardrobe. Simply roll those jeans up a little, pull out that over sized sweater, or go buy an inexpensive pair of leggins'...they can be paired with so much and they always look great with many different styles of boots too.

Remember that adding a bold necklace to a simple tank or tee or turtle neck, will always give some extra style to the outfit.

Pull out one of those dresses from last season...or longer...and throw on some kickin' boots with a great necklace and those hot glasses, and no one will guess that the entire outfit is not something recently purchased. The short trench coats are great and go with just about everything. Definitely worth investing in season after season and never dissapoints!

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