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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

High Waisted...

So we have seen the high waisted jean make a come back over the last year or two and, for the most part, I am loving them. If the jeans are paired with the right top, they are a definite Do, however, if the outfit does not have a flow to it they can really just look like a style mishap. Being a mom myself, I think they are great for all the bending over you do when out with the kids..... so nice to know that you are not giving any sneak peaks with those low rises, but I do feel that they really need to be the right fit for you body in order to look flattering. Also, if you need more "junk in the trunk" then I would suggest wearing a cute jacket, sweater, opened up button up over a tee etc., in order to look more flattering in this fit of jean. These are also great for creating some slimming to the tummy and getting rid of the muffin top. Really, these jeans can be quite flattering to a women's figure and, actually, there are many that should wear these over those extra low rises. I found some high waisted styles that I would totally wear, and recommend. All of these outfits look great with this style of jean. What do you think?

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  1. Hello gorgeous, great styles! I agree, you need to know your body and consider a top that is most flattering to you.