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Friday, October 9, 2009

Picks of the week.

OK, so first of all, I had to post this dress that I saw and share it with you all because I love it and want it! The rest of my pics for the week are all great looks with the blazer. I love how you can wear the blazer with jeans (which looks so good) for a more dressy-casual look. Of course, a blazer always looks good with some cute dress pants or skirts as well, giving you some extra class. Check these out.

OK, this isn't a blazer but still loved this light suede jacket.

Some extra edge with the torn jeans.

Really like the white blazer with jeans, and the black heels.

Can't go wrong with this look.

Nice clean and dressy, yet comfortable, and also like the extra color with the blouse.

Couldn't help but notice all the tights around....

Like the red.

Really like the black tights with the nude dress....different.

Love the pattern of the tights and ooh, love those heels too !

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  1. Love black & white stripes,
    plus bright red lipstick
    looks so chic !
    Lovely weekend~

  2. am loving the blazer with jeans...and even with leggings!!

    super cute!