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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mama a la mode.

Once we enter the wonderful world of mommy hood it seems as though we strive for a keen sense of style even more so. It's good to feel good about yourself, especially after carrying that bundle of joy, in your ever growing belly, for 9 months!! Here are some style tips that are helpful in staying a mama a la mode!

Wear a good bra to keep your clothes looking and fitting nice.

Scarves are great for added style and covering any extra baby belly.

Blazers not only look nice but they also allow for some comfort when wearing a top you're not fully comfortable wearing by itself....yet!

A great necklace always dresses up a more casual outfit.

Maybe opt for a lower heel if you want a heel but can't chase after the little ones in a 3".

A higher waist jean is not only more flattering but more realistic for all the bending over you do with those little guys!

Here are some cute shorter haircuts, with different styles. Whether short or long bangs, wavy and curly, or a short, short cut, these are all beautiful cuts with some sass to them=one hot mama! For longer styles check out a post of mine (from Sept.)- Need something easy for Monday morning....or just easy in general?

Why not carry a cute diaper bag? One thing that worked for me was to carry a small purse or clutch that fits into the diaper bag, so when you are at a quick stop errand and don't need the the whole bag, you can pull out your cute clutch.

Kalencom Ultimate diaper tote, orange:$67.99

Daisy Gear, retro pink:78.99

JJ Cole system diaper bag,cocoa/red:$62.99

Kalencom - New Orleans diaper tote, chocolate/pink:$54.99

*All of these styles and MANY more can be found at here:

Also, try for some really cute stylish diaper bags as well.

Here are some stylin' mamas that you can look to for some extra style inspiration.

Reese always looks put together.

Halle can't help but look good.

I've Always liked Jessica Alba's style.

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