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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here are a few items that I want, yet don't have and would go buy TODAY, if it were that way right now....soon it will be;)

Tiffany's circle interlocks, but I want it in gold:$800.00

Guess, Rocky Tote:$118.00

Victoria's Secret, Fair Isle sweater dress:$78.00

Chanel diamond band (really want another band to line the other side of my engagement ring):$550.00

Arden B. bomber jacket:$58.00

Marc Jacobs watch:$275.00

Givenchy, Wild Ankle Boots:$1295.00

*What I DO have, have not had to buy, yet is the most valuable to me...My amazing husband and two blessings: Priceless!

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy those "things" that are the most valuable to you too!!



  1. CUTE family pic!!!!!!!!!!! love it.
    and i love love love my gold watch. i wear it daily

  2. Hey Mandy! it was great to hear from you!!! you family is absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! I cant believe how big your kids are. So, I think I am now obsessed with your blog. I have ALWAYS admired your style. this is awesome. So glad to see your cute family and that you are all well. (if you come across a cute diaper bag, (or one that would work for one, and doesn't scream "diaper bag") post it...I have been looking for one):) take care!!! tiffany

  3. Megan- ooh, I am so wanting a solid gold watch, and can see why you love yours!

    Hey Tiffany- You gave me a little weekend hunt for your diaper bag!:) You probably have already looked, but a friend got me the cuteset diaper bag from Target and it totally looked like a big purse...I loved it. Also, sometimes Ross and T.J. Max tend to carry really cute, "chic" diaper bags too. I will be a lookin' for ya though!!;)