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Monday, October 12, 2009

Style DO for 30's.

I think most of us who are approaching our thirties,or have reached them already, have gone through that question in our head of "am I really dressing for my age?", or "am I dressing too young for my age?". It is a hard time in the fashion world because you want to feel stylish and look good, yet, you don't want to feel like you're trying too hard to have a certain style and look. I know that having kids has made this dilemma even more challenging for me. I want to look like a cute, stylish mom with out looking like I am shopping in the Jr.'s department. So, here is a DO for when you are rummaging through your closet for something stylish to wear. Remember that this is just suggestion, as you should always wear what fits and flatters your figure and also what you are comfortable in. The more comfortable you are with what you are wearing, the more confident you will feel=the more style you will exude.

*Reverse the proportions: If you are wearing a tighter, more fitting pair of jeans, then wear a looser top such as a cute button up, a blouse or even a knit shirt un tucked. Blazers always look good with this fit too. The same goes the other way, if you are wearing a looser fit jean, usually with a wider leg, then go with a more fitted shirt. These proportions will balance your shape.

* Kick up your look by wearing some brighter colors with your blouses and then adding pretty jewelry! Also, add some extra jewelry when even wearing t-shirt and jeans. You'll be surprised with the extra style you'll feel when adding it to your casual look.

Here are some styles of flaterring jeans for you to see and, hopefully, help with some ideas when shopping for those figure flattering jeans.....

Seven's Trouser fit: no price listed but great style to see for some ideas

Blue Couture Trouser: As low as $34.00

Levi's 505 broken dark washed: $44.00

Great Skinny Jean fit by Rich and Skinny Jeans, found at Nordstroms:$161.00

New Port catalog, Straight leg fit: $39.00

The straight leg by Seven- 7 For all man kind: $165.00

Need some inspiration? Here are some classic beauties you can look to, who all have great, age appropriate style whether they are all glammed up or staying more casual.

Eva Longoria

Reece Witherspoon

Gabrielle Union


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