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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What you wear underneath DOES make a difference.

Bras oh bras....where to begin? As my, very wise, mom told me once "A good bra is definitely something we should buy for ourselves as we get older and especially after having kids, yet it is the one thing that we don't really buy". I have to say that she has never been more right! She made that comment when my two kids and I were visiting her in Lakewood, CO and after she made that comment, she took me to buy 3 good, supportive, contouring bras. That has seriously been the best gift (okay for being an adult;) she has gotten me. I love my Warner's contouring bras, and they are very reasonably priced too! A good fitting bra improves your look in general, how you look underneath your clothes, and it helps with your posture. My suggestion would be to go get fitted, yes you can do it yourself but I say to have it done, and invest in at least 3 good bras. Even if they are a little more expensive than you are used to, trust me, you won't be sorry you did. I can't tell you how much better I look in tighter shirts with my good bras and how much more confident I am when wearing a more fitted shirt. I have posted some great selections from Warner's bras, that are very reasonably priced, and they have many, many more to choose from for all sizes . Also, there are many brands that offer great support and fits....I just happen to be a new fan of Warner's! Oh, and they feel so nice, sleek and soft on your skin too!

Elements of bliss contour:$24.00

Sleek undrwire contour:$26.40

Unslippables contour $25.60

Invisible bliss underwire:$25.60

Daisy lace soft cup: $24.00

Here are some awsome styles, from Fashion Form bras, for those tops that we love but cannot go with out a bra with. Seriuosly, don't go with out one if you know you probably shouldn't. Find a speciality bra for that low back, strapless, or low cut front top. There are many more of these specialty bras found here: . Just thought I would show that they are out there!

**OK, one more thing. ALWAYS wear a nude colored bra under a white, or very pale colored, t-shirt or fitted blouse....looks nicer, cleaner, classier and more put together.

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