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Thursday, October 8, 2009's our little secret.

While most of these style and beauty tips are already known, they can still work as great reminders for aiding in little ways to look and feel extra good. If you haven't already heard of some of these "tricks of the trade", then here are some new found tips for you to make secrets of your own.

One way to instantly slim your tummy is to wear a jean with a higher waist. This will seriously slim you down in seconds and, if only a little, it is still slimming. Eat foods with high potassium and fiber like bananas, cantaloupe, apples etc., reduce starch and carbs, reduce soda, caffeine, carbonated water, and take Mydol or Motrin when on your period. Oh, one more thing....stop slouching.

Keeping your eyebrows waxed and plucked will always keep your face looking brighter and opened up. After giving those bad boys some TLC, hold them in place by using a clear mascara. There's something so attractive to the eye with a nice shaped brow, and why not keep it in place.

Wearing a lipstick in a warm pink shade, which flatters all skin tones, will distract people's eyes from any imperfections or blemishes giving you a more perfect look with your skin.

To really show off those cheek bones go with a color to best complement your tone (the color when you're flushed is always your best match) and as a guide; rose is best for fair skinned, peach with olive tones, and apricot or an even red with dark tones. As said by Shane Paish, make up artist, "apply in a C shape". Start at the center of the brow and apply around to cheek bones, and by using this method it will help to create an over all sheen to that area.

A quick way to instantly groom your nails and give them some shine, when your are not home or carrying cuticle oil, is to take some of your clear lip shine/balm and dab it over your cuticles.

Want shiny legs? After exfoliating (baking soda, or sugar and honey are great home remedies for this) apply baby oil, almond oil, vaseline, a heavy moisturizer, olive oil or a shimmer body lotion. You can also add your own shimmer in with any of these by mixing some glitter, or a light shimmer lotion with any of those listed above.

Tights and nylons are not only great support for your legs and a great wear with heels, but they can also create illusions with your style. By blending the color of your tights with your shoes you can instantly make your legs appear slimmer and when making your skirt the same shade as both of those, you will have added some length to your legs too! *Extra tip: before putting on your tights lightly apply some lotion to your legs to help the tights slide on a with more ease.

Even taking a warm iron over jeans and a t-shirt will not only polish your look up but also make you feel more polished, especially when you're going for comfort and a more relaxed look. Take the extra five minutes to run the iron over these clothes. Really, you will look and feel even better through out your day.

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